The Best TOEFL Preparation Course in Guayaquil

Seeking English offers the best TOEFL preparation in Guayaquil, with experienced american professors. Our comprehensive program will help you achieve the highest score possible, thus opening the door to a myriad of academic opportunities.


With several years of experience of helping young minds achieve their dreams of getting the best education abroad and getting admitted in a prestigious university, Seeking English has become the most important learning center for standardized tests in Guayaquil.

Two-Stage Program

The TOEFL preparation course in Guayaquil includes the learning of techniques and strategies on how to tackle the different question types you will find in the actual test. Our prep course covers all the areas measured in the test, which are: Listening, Writing, Speaking and Reading. These techniques are taught by the teachers during the first stage of the program and then put in practice during the second stage of the program.

All academic material is included, as well as the access to the virtual platform, where the students can practice their essay writing and receive feedback afterwards.

About Seeking English

Seeking English and its staff of dedicated and experienced teachers have been helping students achieve their goals of studying abroad for several years. They are specialized in preparation courses for the most used standardized tests – TOEFL preparation, SAT, GRE, GMAT – around the world. Only very few students are accepted per class, which ensures the teacher will focus the attention only on 4 or 5 people tops.

Courses are open regularly, call 6012206 for more details on registration and dates.