SAT Preparation Course at Seeking English

This comprehensive SAT preparation course gives you all the skills, techniques and strategies to improve your knowledge and get familiar with the test format.

American Universities have high quality standards when it comes to choose their students, and considering that thousands of people every year apply for a place to study in a renown academic institution, the best decision you can make is to aim really high on your SAT scores. These scores are a vital component of your application, so the strongest your scores are, the better chance you will have to be admitted.

Our SAT preparation course introduces students to the core principles in Critical Reading, Math, and Writing. The purpose is that the students learn to master these principles in order to achieve an optimal score on this test.

The course offered at Seeking English is taught in small classes, where teachers ensure that each student receive individual attention. On this SAT preparation course they are provided with the key strategies and most important concepts necessary for success on the test.

The course also includes a simulation test, which helps them get familiar with the test format and since these are graded, they’ll have an idea of how well they are improving and what score they can expect on the real test.

About Seeking English

Seeking English and its staff of dedicated and experienced teachers have been helping students achieve their goals of studying abroad for several years. They are specialized in preparation courses for the most used standardized tests – TOEFL, SAT preparation, GRE, GMAT – around the world.

Courses are open regularly, call 6012206 for more details on registration and dates.